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  • Mike Mikey G Galdine

    Is there a problem with your live stream? If so, will it be working for the Raiders game in an hour? – Wilbert’s buddy Mikey G in FL.

  • Mark

    This is a massive longshot but I just wondered if I could
    enlist your help.

    I am a Brit of middle years who found himself in Las Vegas recently. I had to
    spend one evening alone in the city for reasons I won’t bore you with here. I
    felt like a country bumpkin in the electric excess of the place. Feeling very
    lonely I retired to a bar in the Bally Inn and listened to a house band
    performing Earth Wind and Fire hits. A
    lady called Sandie of a similar vintage to me, but not looking it was also
    listening to them and I struck up a conversation with her.

    She was witty, and lovely company for a couple of hours. She
    comes from Wisconsin and – no ulterior motive – I would just like to somehow
    thank her for being a friend to someone who was clueless in a very intimidating

    The only details I have are these: that she has two grown
    kids, a boy and a girl. The boy works in Dubai and has an English girlfriend
    from Dover. And the girl worked in LA until recently.

    If anyone recognises this Sandie, can you let her know that
    Mark was very grateful for her company when listening to that band. The evening
    up to that point had been a bit bleak. And then it wasn’t.

  • Mitchell Klein

    Glenn, greatest big band song ….Benny Goodman Swing Swing Swing live at Carnegie Hall

  • Mitchell Klein

    love “the killer”

  • WBrown

    How do you sign up for the BIRTHDAY CLUB? I only see the WRJN CLUB which doesn’t ask for your birthday. There is no separate link to sign up for the Birthday Club. Please help.

  • Donald Trump has many lawyers and likes to sue people. Shouldn’t all Americans be granted the right to sue for damages done unto them? Is Trump willing to change the current ERISA language of 1974 so all Americans can collect for damages done when real harm is done unto them?

    Dear Senator (I’ve contacted most committee members listed),

    The Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 (ERISA), is WallStreet

    at its worse. ERISA hasn’t been revised since 1974.

    ERISA is a well-intended and needed plan for managing the retirement assets of many American’s who work for these self-insured companies to prevent misuse of these retirement assets. This is good. The conflict is when ERISA added language which ventured into the disability payments of people’s misfortune, thus, giving these self-insured companies a license to steal.

    I feel it’s time for ERISA to be reviewed in committee since this Wall Street greed was brought up by ERISA committee member Bernie Sanders as an election issue. Let’s address it and even out the playing field for fairness for the middle class family should a horrific disability happen as it did me. Again, ERISA is WallStreet greed at it’s worse.

    The most damaging language that needs changing are: 1) Standard of review (“discretionary clause”) 2) No jury trials permitted. 3) Very limited discovery on issues of conflict only. 4) No claims for bad faith or punitive damages due to insurance companies’ wrongful and sometimes intentional conduct. 5) Mandatory administrative review process is biased and causes significant delays.

    Everyone should have the Constitutional right as an American citizen to go into a United States courtroom to make a wrong right. ERISA law protects these Wall Street Groups from penalties for intended damages done, and from damages yet inquired from the intent.

    Like gay marriage was against the Constitution of the United States, so is the current ERISA language as it is now. We Americans have the right to sue for damages done from these large Wall Street Insurance Companies that are self-insured and hold the power of God. That power needs to be taken away when they intentionally have wronged and bankrupted a person by playing Doctor and God. This playing field needs to be evened out and American’s allowed to sue for damages done by these large insurance companies. And it all starts here in this committee office. So I’ve been sending this out to reporters as well.

    Please call this number 202-228-3077 (Majority Labor Policy Office) and request ERISA language be added to the agenda and our constitutional rights be reinstated.

    Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions.

    *Committee members*


    – Patty Murray (WA)

    – Barbara Mikulski (MD)

    – Bernie Sanders (VT)

    – Robert P. Casey, Jr (PA)

    – Al Franken (MN)

    – Michael F. Bennet (CO)

    – Sheldon Whitehouse (RI)

    – Tammy Baldwin (WI)

    – Christopher S. Murphy (CT)

    – Elizabeth Warren (MA)


    – Lamar Alexander (TN)

    – Michael B. Enzi (WY)

    – Richard Burr (NC)

    – Johnny Isakson (GA)

    – Rand Paul (KY)

    – Susan Collins (ME)

    – Lisa Murkowski (AK)

    – Mark Kirk (IL)

    Yes there are numerous reasons that ERISA is unfair to the middle class American citizens should they become a disabled person. It relieves corporate America of any disability responsibilities and puts the individual onto government assistance. This shift of responsibility needs to stay with the self-insured corporations as a contractual obligation.

    Where do our politicians stand on making any improvements regarding a broken system of Wall Street greed? Do vulnerable disabled people count? Are Republicans really Christian as they say they are? Does doing the right thing have to be a Christian thing? All good questions as there is much value in our disabled Americans.

    By restoring fairness to these now vulnerable disabled families who never asked to be disabled or vulnerable, is standing up against Wall Street Insurance Companies. Who’s doing the speaking for us on this committee? Maybe it’s time for us to speak through our votes?

    Any bipartisan help is conscious human help for human lives. This is an opportunity. This help is appreciated if you want to be a part of God experiencing life through the lives of the disabled. The value of a disable person is that they are closer to God from their conscious experience of suffering. Our suffering, allowed us to know another aspect and understanding of God. Before us, when all there was, was God. God could only imagine what true love was. God could not experience it. This is where God learns the true meaning of love through you and me.

    Experiencing what clarity is, rather than confusion. Happy more than sad. Love more than hate. Feeling appreciated, than not. Etc. When you’re one with God, you are God.

    Disabled people offer much wisdom from their suffering. This wisdom shouldn’t be treated as a bothersome to our financial gains. Disabled people should be treated with respect. It starts here in your committee Senators.

    I thank you in advance for your time.

    See: Wendell Potter, CIGNA Whistleblower & Michael Dukakis Filibuster Interviews – Best of 2010

    Cigna / LINA Long Term Disability Insurance Settlement Agreement Information Video:


    Michael Anderson,

    Victim of ERISA


  • Jeff

    Birthday Club…Two areas ask for email but one says date format is wrong. I’m assuming that one is for the birthday. Can this be fixed?

  • Sheryl

    Birthday Club…What is the format for date…I’ve tried quite a few and it does not give an example?

  • Frank Romano

    Frank Romano speaks with Teens: How to Become a Writer!

    Saturday, June 11, 4-6pm, Barnes & Noble Booksellers, 2710 S Green Bay Rd, Racine,WI

    Frank Romano speaks about how he pulled himself out of the gutter, out of
    being homeless to obtain his PhD, become a lawyer, a professor and most of all,
    a peace activist and a writer. He will discuss these themes: “What’s it like to
    be a writer, i.e. the discipline, life style, and what does it take to be a
    great writer!” and his book: “Love and Terror in the Middle East, 4th

    He uncorks the mystique of being a published author and focuses on the
    discipline, the hard work as well as the passion of being a peace & freedom
    activist as well as a writer.

    Love and Terror in the Middle East, 4th
    Ed. dramatically captures the
    author’s efforts to promote understanding and cooperation between Jews, Muslims
    and Christians.


    at the University of Paris, member of the California and Marseille Bars.

    Contact info: Tel: 7184194889

  • A big BOOYAH! to Glenn Klein for his very insightful comments re: President Obama’s recent quote from the biblical prophet who promised a “new heart” to all humanity. Klein suggests that all of us already possess that God-given new heart that makes us know right from wrong. He appealed to his listeners to defer to the urging of that new heart and in so doing we will finally learn to live in peace and justice with those who may differ from us in any way. In light of the turmoil currently spilling over into the streets of our country, I think Klein is onto something that just might cure what ails us as a nation.

  • Stephanie Smith

    Darryl Ingram was an excellent contributor. What a great addition to your show! Thank you for this valuable discussion / perspective!

  • Freqgirl Karu

    Why don’t you guys have an email address listed? You don’t have to put it on there with the @ sign. Instead, list it as info[at] or whatever your email address is. That way robots don’t hassle you. Also, I can fix that for you.

  • Freqgirl Karu

    Also, I really miss Tom Cramer.
    He was a good friend of mine.

  • Sheryl

    You use to be my radio friend????

  • Dan Cesario

    Getting tired of listening to lefty Mike Clemens in the morning.

  • Dennis Michelsen

    Did you really fire Glenn Klein? If so I am firing you and all of your stations! CYA

  • Adele Clazmer

    Where’s Glenn Klein?

  • Adele Clazmer

    What’s happening with Mr Racine Mark Eickhorst

  • Mike schwandt

    Factory Cat in Racine wants to hear Bus Stop. More Hollys!!

  • Rayfotoman

    How do you get a hold of a “Live” person here or at Magnum…. Would like to talk to a program manager or station manager.

  • Wendy Burton

    i heard earlier this morning about an upcoming tour of a cemetery. I didn’t have time to write down the name and number of the contact person. Could you post it here? Thanks. Also, enjoyed the tour of the station.

  • mcjaxon2

    Public land is not Paul Ryan’s enemy. Stay out of politics. Can the idiotic commercials!!!