Philadelphia Protests Over Police Shooting Lead To 30 Officers Injured

Overnight protests in the city of Philadelphia, prompted after a Philadelphia police shot and killed a black man waving a knife toward them, left some 30 officers injured, authorities said on Tuesday.

The fatal shooting of Walter Wallace Jr., 27, on Monday afternoon was captured on video, leading to the protests against police brutality and racial bias. The video showed two Philadelphia police officers pointing guns and moving away from Wallace as he walks toward them with a knife in hand. Police Sgt. Eric Gripp said Wallace was “brandishing” the knife and “waving it erratically.”

The protests and looting that became violent Monday night with some protesters throwing objects at officers, causing dozens of injuries. One officer was hospitalized with a broken leg and other injuries after a pickup truck intentionally struck her, police said. Authorities said protesters also set fire to five police vehicles and one fire vehicle.

Police Commissioner Danielle Outlaw said authorities arrested 91 people during the protests, 11 for assaults on officers and 76 for burglary.

30 Philadelphia officers injured, one run over by truck, in protests after police fatally shoot Black man


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