2-14-17 WRJN News-530am

Racine Co Sheriff’s Dept finds hit & run car and driver; Kenosha alderman Juliana pulls proposal to license landlords for the time being; Illinois man believed to have robbed banks inside stores in both Racine & Kenosha.

2-13-17 WRJN News-403pm

Illinois Man Charged With Racine Bank Robbery & Suspected In Kenosha Robbery, Burlington Agency To Take Part In Cribs For Kids, 100 March In Kenosha Protesting Immigration Ban

2-13-17 WRJN News-1030am

Racine Planning office looking to divide Harborside land for development; Kenosha alderman looks to license landlords; SEWRPC has Vision 2050 for transportation & land use on a changing demographic.

2-13-17 WRJN News-730am

Kenosha PD search a home & find drugs & arrest two; Racine Finance panel to take up Fischer USA expansion & park space purchase plan; Racine Kilties trim back 2017 schedule for $$$ reasons.

2-13-17 WRJN News-530am

Kenosha teen held for shooting death of a local man; Racine goes with a new environmental consulting firm on brownfield projects; Opponents of the President’s refugree travel ban gather & march in Kenosha.

2-10-17 WRJN News-405pm

Arrest Made After Shots Fired Into Home Near Kenosha’s Frank School, Investigation Underway Into Closing Of Promotions Unlimited, Racine Comm. Recommends Program To Help Rehab Older Buildings

2-10-17 WRJN News-730am

Mt Pleasant’s new Community Development Director to be the “interim” guy; Gathering Sunday at Kenosha’s Library Park to support immigrants & refugees; Railroad crossing repairs close Burlington’s Chestnut St to 2/15.

2-10-17 WRJN News-530am

Racine & Sunshine Market in court today on nuisance property designation; 6 heroin OD’s & 1-death in Kenosha from a possible bad batch; Carthage Professor talks about the Trump Presidency & what’s coming.

2-9-17 WRJN News-405pm

Kenosha Police Investigating String Of Heroin Overdoses, Gorman & Co. Could Take Over Racine’s Machinery Row Project, Committee Recommends Sale Of Park Land For Fischer USA Expansion

2-9-17 WRJN News-1030am

Racine man charged with threatening damage to ex-girlfriend’s father’s ashes; Sturtvant Plan Commission to consider RUSD’s REAL School build out plans; 2 Racine area centenarians said goodbye this week.