WRJN News 8-29-16 405pm

Kenosha Man Dies After Being Shot In Neighbor’s Apt. During Interrupted Robbery, Racine Budget Numbers Under Control Thru Mid-year, Program Will Remember Downtown Racine Shopping In ’50s & ’60s

8-29-16 WRJN News-11am

Racine PD investigating shots fired around 16th & Packard AND hospital ER call early this morning about someone with a gunshot wound; Racine Public Works panel to consider garbage truck buys.

8-29-16 WRJN News-730am

Racine RDA to consider amendment with Iowa developer on Rootworks project; Brewers being sued by woman hit with foul ball in 2014 practice; Romo’s status is day-to-day with Cowboys per head coach.

8-29-16 WRJN News-530am

Milwaukee woman arrested for first OWI by State Patrol in Racine Co; City of Racine’s finances thru 6-months look good; Kenosha businesswoman taking on human trafficking thru product sales.

WRJN New 8-26-16 505pm

Teen Found Unconscious After Fall Into River At Island Park, Trial Dates Set In 2 High Profile Homicide Cases In Racine & Kenosha Counties, Burlington School District Looks At Hiring Spokesperson

8-26-16 WRJN News-11am

Man with a gun on Racine’s SW side involves fake gun; 2-dogs die in Somers house fire; Kenosha Rep Barca says toll roads and user fees should be considered on road funding.

8-26-16 WRJN News-730am

Burlington pool party fundraiser Saturday afternoon & evening; Former KEA President returns as Interim Director from Milwaukee TEA; State Elections Commission mailing cards to get people registered for November.

8-26-16 WRJN News-530am

Rabid bat reported in Racine County…somewhere; 2 Racine & 1-Kenosha resident busted on drug charges in Racine; Burlington School Bd to consider a spokesperson.

WRJN News 8-25-16 405pm

A Bat Tests Positive For Rabies In Racine County, Racine Hockey Team Owner Pledges Help To Get A US League Team For Racine, Veterinary Clinic In Former Mt. Pleasant Restaurant Approved

8-25-16 WRJN News-1030am

Racine Council debate expected on adding another lawyer in the City Attorney’s office; Purple heart found in Michigan thrift store going to soldier’s daughter in Salem; Burlington’s mayor on I-R from foot surgery.