Cory Mason Is Sworn In As Racine Mayor, Kenosha Co. Board To Vote On 2018 Budget This Evening, Sturtevant Board Hears Presentation On Library Alternatives For The Village

11-8-17 WRJN News-1030am

Mayor Mason leads to special Assembly election January 16; Pleasant Prairie PD missing person case from June may be solved; Racine Co Executive meets today with Town of Burlington residents.

11-8-17 WRJN News-730am

Racine council supports 3-month mayoral appointments to Water & Wastewater panels; Kenosha Co Bd to vote tonite on 2018 budget; Hess wins V-Waterford trustee race & U-Grove HS referendum approved.

11-8-17 WRJN News-530am

New Racine Mayor Corn mason to resign Assembly seat 1/15/18; Sturtevant officials to review study about library service options; Kenosha Co to explore lawsuits against drug companies over opioids.


Cory Mason To Be Sworn In As Racine Mayor Tonight Submit Letter Of Resignation From Assembly, WEDC Scheduled To Vote On Foxconn Deal Tomorrow, Old Western Publishing Bldng Still A Problem In Caledonia

11-7-17 WRJN News-1030am

Sturtevant Bd agenda includes amending sex offender residency rules; 2 Korean War veterans honored at Kenosha Council meeting; Burlington HS girls volleyball champions given fire truck parade thru the city.

11-7-17 WRJN News-730am

Union Grove HS & Waterford Village voters make decisions today; Eacine Co Bd votes on 2018 budget while Kenosha Co Bd holds budget hearing; Racine’s librarian taks to Sturtevant Bd tonite about strategies.

11-7-17 WRJN News-530am

Trustee Jim Dobbs picked to replace Bob Bradley as Caledonia President; Somers home invasion suspect likely to be charged Wednesday; Burlington aldermen to discuss DT historic district facade grant policy.


Man Arrested For Violent Somers Home Invasion Facing Numerous Charges, Racine Sheriff’s Officer Reports 28th Narcan Save This Year, Cory Mason To Be Sworn In As Racine Mayor Tues.

11-6-17 WRJN News-1030am

Kenosha Co Sheriff to hold press briefing on Somers home invasion & suspect arrest; Racine Interim Mayor Wiser to go back to aldermanic duties; Many Shalom Center homeless have full or part-time jobs.