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Mayor Asking Council To Rescind Round-About Vote
The Racine Common Council Tues. Will Be Asked To Reverse An Earlier Vote To Fund Construction Of A Round About On Douglas Avenue
2-27-15 WRJN News-405pm
Mitchell Staff Deliver Thanks & Treats To Fire Fighters On School Fire Anniversary, Racine Robbery Victim Shot At While Chase Suspect, Racine Educators To Fly On NASA's Flying Telescope
2-27-15 WRJN News-11am
Mitchell staff & students thank local firefighters for efforts 1-yr ago; Two finalists for Burlington administrator job; Racine science educator chosen to fly SOFIA; Kenosha Co Sheriff's K9 gets Sturtevant man to comply in traffic stop.
2-27-15 WRJN News-730am
Racine Co jury awards Racine man $218K for traffic crash; Kenosha Co Bd resolution to oppose state budget plan for assessments; Governor Walker talks about ISIS at conservative event; Burlington semi crash takes down power pole & lines.
2-27-15 WRJN News-530am
Federal Judge delays ruling in Racine tavern lawsuit pending more info; Caledonia PD urging vehicles be locked vs potential theft; Racine Mitchell school fire 1-yr ago today; Illinois pool pipe repair firm relocates to uptown Racine.
2-26-15 WRJN News-405pm
Federal Judge Delays Decision On Release Of Emails In Lawsuit Against City Of Racine, Racine Co. Sheriff's Squad Car Involved In I-94 Accident This Morning, New Business Moves To Uptown Racine From Illinois
2-26-15 WRJN News-1030am
Lake effect snow contributes to scores of accidents in SE Wis; Businesses love new state right to work bill including RAMAC; Wisconsin Triple-A has advice on talking to an older driver; Governor Walker tops in a new poll of Iowa voters.
2-26-15 WRJN News-730am
Right to work passes state Senate while supported by RAMAC; Assembly Minority leader claims RTW is a planned distraction from the state budget; Racine Co Sheriff hopes to keep domestic violence deputy position currently funded by a state grant.
2-26-15 WRJN News-530am
State Senate approves right to work bill 17-15 sending it to the Assembly; Uptown Racine plan going to Council for public hearing & approval; Governor says he keeps in contact with state matters while traveling; Packers release A-J Hawk after 9-seasons.
2-25-15 WRJN News-405pm
Debate On Right To Work Disrupted Early By Protester From Racine Area, Fire Damages Car & 2 Homes On Racine's South Side, Apostle Island Ice Caves May Not Open This Weekend
2-25-15 WRJN News-1030am
Racine Plan Commission to consider Uptown Development Plan; Kenosha's Lincoln Middle School to honor fan with down syndrome cheering at basketball games; Women's History Month resolution ok'd by Racine Co Bd also honors former supervisor.
2-25-15 WRJN News-530am
DOT to keep I94 Hwy-20 exit ramp closed until July 4 & the on-ramp until Thanksgiving; Racine Co Finance panel supports helping the city with Rootworks design costs; No camping for Brewers' Arctic Tailgate Saturday because of expected cold weather.
2-25-15 WRJN News-530am
State committee's early vote on right to work spurs cat calls from union members; Careers Industries to close gluten-free store in Racine; Racine PD starting program to help young people with law enforcement contact; Racine Co settles federal discriminati
2-24-15 WRJN News-405pm
Defendants In Racine Tavern Lawsuit Urge Judge To Reject Request For Archived Emails, Right To Work Public Hearing & Rallies Continue At Capitol, WI Ranks High In College Graduation Ranking
2-24-15 WRJN News-11am
Racine response to tavern lawsuit seeks rejection of new demand for info; Wisconsin #1 in new report on college degree seekers; Racine-Kenosha Senator Wanggaard on panel hearing right to work testimony; Racine's Main Street bridge needs repairs
2-24-15 WRJN News-730am
1-Lincoln Lutheran Racine facility sold at auction; Racine's Main St bridge needs emergency repair; Recount in Racine's 5th Aldermanic District primary; Renaissance school takes liability from Racine Unified for re-bussing 44 students to Kenosha site.
2-24-15 WRJN News-531am
Racine Unified & renaissance school settle busing dispute; Racine Finance panel again rejects funding Ohio St traffic study; Local housing sales down in January but prices up; 9-hrs in Madison for right to work public hearing.
2-23-15 WRJN News-1030am
Brief reprieve with Tuesday Wx and then back to cold; Right to work legislation set to dominate state politics; Cause of Racine vehicle fires under review; DOT meeting Thursday at Ives Grove on I94/Hwy-20 next phase.
2-23-15 WRJN News-730am
Potential warmup next week but bitter cold to continue awhile longer in SE Wis; Cars and a Racine home damaged by fire; Mt Pleasant Bd & CDA meet on Brooks Tractor project; Racine Co 9-1-1 Operations Commission to talk about future director hirings.
2-23-15 WRJN News-530am
Another wind chill advisory this morning in SE Wis; Right to work opponents prepping for legislative activities in Madison; Racine Fire Belles part of the response to big barn fire near Milton; Wisconsin gas prices up again in latest Triple-A report.
2-20-15 WRJN News-405pm
Hearing Set Next Week On Motion To Get racine Gov. Emails In Former Bar Owners Lawsuit, Teen Charges As Adult For 2 Racine Robberies, Rep. Ohnstad Says Now Is Not The Time For Right To Work
2-20-15 WRJN News-11am
Kenosha Rep Ohnstad says Wisconsin doesn't need right to work legislation right now; Walden students asking city for more stop signs near the school; Dumore acquires Grove Die Casting; UW tribal law professor thinks Menominee have a court case against Gov
2-20-15 WRJN News-730am
A heat wave to near 19 today; UW-Madison tribal law expert believed Menominee have legal options; Mt Pleasant PD investigating a shots fired call; Proposed state law to have older drivers get vision tested every 4-yrs.
2-20-15 WRJN News-530am
Wind Chill Advisory this morning; Racines mayor calls allegations of racial slurs in city emails a political stunt & a "despicable lie;" Kenosha Plan Commission supports Heritage House TIF; Waterford teens charged with sexually assaulting girls 12 & 13.
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