Local Sports

WRJN 2014 Racine Raiders Football Broadcast Schedule
October 11th 6:45pm MSFL Championship
Racine Raiders vs Chicago Thunder
WRJN 2014 High School Football Broadcast Schedule
October 17th 6:45pm Horlick at Indian Trail
Octover 24-25 TBA Level 1 Playoffs
Oct 31-Nov 1 TBA Level 2 Playoffs
November 7-8 TBA Level 3 Playoffs
November 14-15 TBA Level 4 Playoffs
November 20-21 TBA State Finals
2014 WRJN Wisconsin Badger Football Broadcast Schedule
October 11th 11am Wisconsin vs Illinois
October 25th 11am Wisconsin vs Maryland
November 1st 11am Wisconsin at Rutgers
November 8th TBA Wisconsin at Purdue
November 15th TBA Wisconsin vs Nebraska
November 22nd TBA Wisconsin at Iowa
November 29th TBA Wisconsin vs Minnesota
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