Comment on Contact Us by Mark

This is a massive longshot but I just wondered if I could
enlist your help.

I am a Brit of middle years who found himself in Las Vegas recently. I had to
spend one evening alone in the city for reasons I won't bore you with here. I
felt like a country bumpkin in the electric excess of the place. Feeling very
lonely I retired to a bar in the Bally Inn and listened to a house band
performing Earth Wind and Fire hits. A
lady called Sandie of a similar vintage to me, but not looking it was also
listening to them and I struck up a conversation with her.

She was witty, and lovely company for a couple of hours. She
comes from Wisconsin and – no ulterior motive – I would just like to somehow
thank her for being a friend to someone who was clueless in a very intimidating

The only details I have are these: that she has two grown
kids, a boy and a girl. The boy works in Dubai and has an English girlfriend
from Dover. And the girl worked in LA until recently.

If anyone recognises this Sandie, can you let her know that
Mark was very grateful for her company when listening to that band. The evening
up to that point had been a bit bleak. And then it wasn't.